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Welcome to HisInHers Transgender Prosthetics.

You are about to discover another way to bring your inner beauty out! Beauty is inner, it's outer, it's everywhere - and in everyone.

There are many ways to being beautiful....which way is yours?

No matter which term you identify with, Cross-dresser, Transvestite, Drag Queen, Sissy, Cogender, Genderqueer, Two Spirit or Transsexual, Trans-Curves can help you along with your feminization and Passing in public!

What do you prefer to see when you "Look Down There"?

HisInHers is proud to introduce the most life-like silicone female prosthetic created for the transgender community.


(Click on image to see more amazing before and after pictures)

Unless stated, all photos of Trans-CurvesTM is worn by our beautiful model Heather who is a crossdresser.

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