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TRANS-CURVES is the most life-like silicone female prosthetic designed for the transgender community. Molded directly off a woman's lower torso, the prosthetic adds every feminine curve to the male torso underneath! The spandex liner makes this item fit your body like a glove and becomes a natural extension of you. Wear it under anything you want to give the profile of a woman's torso. TRANS-CURVESTM is constructed of very soft silicone, giving it the feel of real skin and body fat. The optional pubic hair shown below is 100% human hair, not coarse synthetic hair as is used on other transgendered products sold on-line. TRANS-CURVES is anatomically correct and penetrable. Now you (and your partner) can enjoy sex in any position like a genetic female at 1/10 the cost of irreversible S.R.S..

TRANS-CURVESTM is hand made to order here in the United States, using all American made materials.


  • 2" to your hips
  • 3/4" to each side of your butt cheeks
  • 1" to the back of your butt cheeks
  • 1/8" on the inside of each thigh.
  • 1/8" in the crotch and at the leg openings
  • 1/8" - 1/4" at the waist.

(Shown with optional pubic hair, medium skin tone)


Skin color choices:

Light Medium Olive Dark Tan

Note: Colors may vary slightly from the samples due to differences in computer monitors.

Comes with a reusable Urinary Tract and an external male catheter to make peeing possible without removing prosthetic.

Sizing: (relaxed waist)

  • B = 30" to 34"
  • C = 34" to 38"
  • D = 38" to 42"



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  • blackleather1.gif
  • blackleather2.gif
  • browndress1.gif
  • brownleather1.gif
  • denim2.gif
  • jeans1.gif
  • jeans2.gif
  • jeans3.gif
  • jeans4.gif
  • panty1.gif
  • panty2.gif
  • purple1.gif
  • purple2.gif
  • whitedress1.gif
  • whitedress2.gif
  • whitedress3.gif
  • whitedress4.gif

You may admire a girls curves on the first introduction... but the second meeting shows up new angles - May West

Trans-curves comes with a one month free replacement Guarantee due to manufacturer defects.

Optional one year full replacement insurance is available.

Insurance must be purchased at time of initial product purchase.

Please note without the optional insurance we will only replace the prosthetic due to manufacturer defects. If you damage or modify the prosthetic, we will not replace it. With the optional insurance we will replace the prosthetic even if you have damaged or modified it for up to one year from the date of purchase. With or without the optional insurance you must return the damaged or defective prosthetic before we will send out a new replacement.


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